Tony Lawrence

Veteran. Conservative. Texan.

Meet Tony

Whether in the Air Force, in business, at his church, or in his home, Tony has lived a life of leadership and service.

Proud Veteran

Tony served in the U.S. Air Force from 1997 to 2003. He was honorably discharged with an exemplary record as a non-commissioned officer and Aircraft Load Planner in the Air Mobility Command (AMC).

Tony participated in and/or supported a number of war operations, including Operation Allied Force during the Kosovo War, Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan, and Operation Iraqi Freedom.

His military service also gave him the opportunity to be part of humanitarian efforts, like engaging in a massive ration lift during the Afghani Refugee crisis and providing relief to Puerto Rico after Hurricane George.

Experienced Businessman

Tony understands what Texas small business owners go through to operate and succeed. He has started businesses, including a mobile music production service and stone masonry construction company.

Tony holds a B.S. in Business Leadership from Biola University. Tony has served as Director of Business Development at the largest integrated marketing firm in North America.

Tony is a go-to leader of innovation who works with top global companies, including Google, Samsung, Microsoft, HP and BP.

Community Leader

Tony and his wife of 15 years, Christina, serve in ministry at Valley Creek Church in Flower Mound, where they have attended since 2010. They have two children, Jayden (10) and Sydney (8).

Tony and Christina are active members of their community. Tony is an Assistant Coach in the Texas Rattlers Baseball Organization, and Christina is a PTA leader at their children’s elementary school. Together, they have worked to build the youth in their community, both physically and mentally.

Tony was previously Chair of Mosaic Cares, his company’s philanthropic arm, and he and his family have worked in multiple countries - and in the US - to help those in need.

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